Micro-university for Management Consulting

The ONLY program you will need to land your dream management consulting job.

Duration: 5 weeks Time commitment: 6 hrs per week Exclusive access to 40 top students

Our students have received offers from top management consulting companies

The perfect program if you are

A college student aiming for management consulting roles

Just getting started with case interview preparation & seek a structured approach

Someone who finds preparing alone boring and wants to learn together in a community of talented peers

A comprehensive 5 week plan with only one objective in mind: Help you land a consulting job!

Week 1: Getting started

(a) Crafting a killer resume
(b) Cases 101: what is really being tested
(c) Getting a hang of guesstimates

Week 2: Solving standard cases

(a) Introduction to case frameworks
(b) Decoding profitability / market entry

Week 3: Boosting case performance

(a) Forming a habit of structured thinking
(b) Being hypotheis-driven

Week 4: Solving advanced cases

(a) Solving cases without a framework
(b) Cracking unconventional cases

Week 5: Standing out

(a) Learning to speak like a consultant
(b) Developing business intution
(c) Being memorable during the interview

Each week at Relay will be a unique learning experience!

90 min live class every Sunday by top instructors to get you started on the week's topics. Don't worry, these aren't like your typical college lectures - they will involve a lot of debates, discussions, and live demonstrations.

Every week, we will provide a curated set of resources (exercises, reading material etc.) personalized for you. We will monitor your learning progress, keep you accountable, and ensure you gain mastery in each topic.

We will team you up with a top-notch inter-college case group. Every week, you will practice several cases with your case group, exchange feedback, and collectively improve your case solving skills.

The Relay Team and professionals from your dream companies will conduct office hours each week. You can block time with us to chat about anything, clarify your questions, and obtain guidance in preparation.

Hear from Relayers

Top students from the best colleges trust Relay Campus to kickstart their career!

Tiyasha Mitra

IIT Kharagpur

Incoming BA at McKinsey & Company

"Relay Campus gave me a community that kept me motivated & stood by me throughout my placement journey. The live sessions were a breath of fresh air from the typical online lectures"

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Vasanta Majety

IIT Kharagpur

Incoming Business Analyst at McKinsey

"Relay Campus gave me the confidence to crack case interviews and provided me the right support system in the form of incredible mentors and fellow peers from different colleges."

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Anirudh Anil Ojha

IIT Kanpur

Incoming Associate at Bain & Company

"I had never experienced something like Relay Campus in my life. The live sessions, the community, the Relay team, every aspect of the program was geared towards my success."

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Swetha Srinivasan

IIT Madras

Incoming Business Analyst at McKinsey

"I loved the live sessions where the theoretical aspects of structuring and case solving were discussed which helped me anaylyse my case preparation with a truly different lens"

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Mayur Joshi

IIT Madras

Incoming Associate at BCG

"Relay Campus provided an amazing set of peers who were equally passionate about consulting. They kept me motivated, provided valuable feedback, and helped me enhance my case solving skills"

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Sanjay Khatri

IIT Bombay

Incoming Associate at Bain & Company

"Being part of Relay Campus was an amazing experience, the program helped me identify my weaknesses and provided me with an actionable plan to improve upon my weaknesses."

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Kshitij Gupta

IIT Delhi

Incoming Associate at LEK Consulting

"I signed up to Relay Campus expecting a set of lectures and material to learn from. What I found was a set of motivated peers and passionate mentors who kept driving me to acheive my goals"

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Akanksha Malhotra

IIT Kharagpur

Incoming Business Analyst at Arthur D. Little

"I met several so many like-minded people that were very determined and inspiring. I don't think there is any other medium which offers a similar learning experience like Relay"

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Take your first move towards a great career

We have a selective admission process that helps us assemble a cohort of brilliant peers. Fill up your details in the application below!

Once you submit the form, we'll promptly evaluate your profile and send you more program details along with the fee structure. 20% of the program fees would be donated to charitable organizations working towards COVID relief.

Program begins on July 4th 2021. Deadline for applications: June 23rd 2021

Questions we get asked a lot...

Who is eligible for the program?

There is only one criteria for eligibility - you should be an undergraduate student. You can be in any branch or degree. We believe 3rd and 4th year students will benefit the most from the program, but if you’re an early starter in 1st or 2nd year and want to apply, we will consider your application as well.

What is the selection criteria?

We want to assemble a cohort of top-notch peers who would add value to your learning journey. Our selection criteria resembles the shortlisting crtieria of top tier management consulting firms - in most cases, students selected into our programs can be confident of obtaining shortlists from top tier management consulting firms. This way, we ensure that we assemble a cohort of diligent, smart, top-notch peers that will add value to your learning journey.

What happens after filling the application form?

Once you fill the application form, we will evaluate your profile based on various factors like your internships, your leadership positions etc. . We might also contact you to speak and understand your ambitions and motivations better. If we feel you are a good fit, you will hear back from us within 7 days with further program details and program fees.

Is there a fee for this program?

Yes, this is a paid program. Don't worry, we were college students a few years back and have been in your shoes - The cost of program will be afforable to an average college student. In addition, 20% of the program fees would be donated to charitable organizations working towards COVID relief.

Please fill in the application form and if we think you are a good fit for the program, we will share more program details and fee information with you.

Who will be teaching us?

Live classes will be conducted by seasoned professionals from managament consulting companies like McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Dalberg. Beyond consulting experience, these professionals have a ton of experience in coaching and mentorship, so you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands!

What happens in the office hours?

Office hours are dedicated time slots every weeek where the Relay Team and a group of professionals from companies like McKinsey, BCG, Bain would be available to chat with you, answer any questions, and guide you as needed. You can block 20-30 min slots to have as many 1-on-1 conversations as you need!

What career support can I expect?

We do not guarantee any job. However, our team will help you get interview support - referrals, warm introductions, resume reviews, interview prep, mock interviews and much more.

Will we get a certificate?

Yes, we will provide certificates to everyone who completes the program. Since, this is a highly selective program, feel free to include participation in this program as a resume point. In addition to certificates, the Relay team would be more than happy to provide you with personalized letters of reccomendation.